Squidlinks.com - Terms & Conditions

We are not responsible for the content of external links.

Images featured on grids are copyright of their respective owners.

To place a squidlink you must own or have authority to use both the image and the url.

We reserve the right to refuse any squidlinks for any reason if we consider them inappropriate.

Sites must be of a good standard with working links etc. We do not normally accept affiliate/referral links or personal blogs unless we consider them appropriate. We will not accept any offensive, adult, pharmaceutical or gambling related images/links. Webpages must be in English.

An administrator will check all submitted squidlinks.

After submitting your squidlink, if appropriate, an administrator will have the right to change any part of it. If the image is not of a suitable standard an administrator may take a suitable image from your submitted website (If you do not want this image displayed please contact us).

If you no longer wish your squidlink to be displayed you must contact us so that we can remove it.

You may change your squidlink image, url, float text or tags. These changes must be re-submitted for review by an administrator. We reserve the right to refuse any changes if we consider them inappropriate.

If, after your squidlink(s) has been accepted, you later change the content of the linked webpage to show offensive or adult material or anything deemed by us to be inappropriate, your account will be frozen and your squidlink(s) removed. It will be at our discretion whether or not you will be allowed to amend your squidlink(s) and continue to use your account.

From time to time we may send you an email to let you know the status of your squidlink(s) and to let you know of any new developments. We will not pass your personal details on to anyone.

Use of the 'Recommend' form must not be used for spam or unsolicited email. Please do not send emails that may offend. You will be held responsible for the content of any emails sent - your name, email address and message will be sent with the email.

From time to time it will be necessary to update this site and perform maintenance. It may therefore be necessary to take this site offline but we will of course try our best to keep these times to a minimum.

Your squidlink(s) may be displayed on Squidpanels across our community.

If you choose to display our Squidpanel on your site, we do not provide any guarantees of service stability and/or availability.

We accept no responsibility for the content of external links contained within a Squidpanel.

Images featured on Squidpanels are copyright of their respective owners.

We reserve the right, at any time, to change, modify, add or delete portions of these Terms and Conditions.